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Cassidy /saturday shoot

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High school seniors

Cassidy at Hudson Gardens

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Cassidy at Hudson Gardens


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Ava set 1

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Ava set 2

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Sheri K(non-registered)
you took photos of my grandson at Hudson Gardens Boys II Men concert a few weeks ago. 8/23/2015 - this was his 5th concert at HG if you remember. You gave me your card to contact you and i was Wondering where i could see those photos that you took. please let me know at [email protected] thank you
Hey John, I love some of your photos you took of FIREFALL at Hudson Gardens, I'd love to facebook post a few of them - giving you full credit - but how can I grab some of them to post either on facebook or our website??? Please contact me at either [email protected] or (720) 939-8249 cell. I'd love to be able to use a few of your great shots for our band. Thanks Jock Bartley
marissa Padilla(non-registered)
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