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Puppy Love and Paper Roses fill a Garden

July 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Who of us remember the songs “Puppy Love” and “Paper Roses”? Maybe you remember “I’m A Little Bit Country, She’s A Little Bit Rock and Roll”. The duo of Donnie and Marie Osmond brought their Vegas show to the incredible Hudson Gardens Tuesday night, July 18, 2017.

This amazing show was long overdue for some Donnie and Marie fans. Especially for some of the people in the front row who got the chance of a lifetime to dance with either Osmond as they walked the staircase from the stage to the audience and greeted the crowd. The elegance of Marie Osmond made men cheer as she grabbed their hand and pretended to be their dance partner. Of course Donnie Osmond was on the other side of the stage and has the women seeing stars as he graced the ladies and let them believe they had the ballroom floor all to themselves.

With the weather threatening rain and high winds, even Mother Nature calmed down about 10 minutes before the Osmond show started. Donnie and Marie gave the audience a look back at the many years of their music and added in a bit of the new as well. The Osmond’s are a talent combined of dancing, singing and Marie playing her guitar that we have loved for years. Opening the show with the song “It Takes Two”, “Film”/”Paper Roses”, “Boots” and “Walk This Way”. Donnie Osmond later did his famous “Puppy Love”, “Go Away” and “Bad Apple”.

The show was amazing and the Donnie and Marie Osmond gave it their all for just shy of 2.5 hours. To view pictures of the show you can click here. Up next, the ever loving and very talented Gladys Knight.

Reliving the 80s at Hudson Gardens

June 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We survived the 80’s and we did it in style. While Madonna created the term “Boy Toy”, others of us came up with the terms “Air Head”, “Eat My Shorts”, “Gag Me With A Spoon”, “Totally” and many more. If you wore your hair in a mullet, you were in fashion. The 80s started the multi-color hair trend.  The fashions with the parachute pants, leg warmers, and oh yes, the music. Well Hudson Gardens decided to take fans down the 80’s memory lane Sunday, June 11, 2017 by welcoming Survivor and Loverboy. Kristi Manz (Concert and Special Events Manager for Hudson Gardens Events Center) put together a great fun lineup for the concert stage and it was “Gnarly”!

Jammin’ to the band Survivor had the crowd dancing, singing, and put everyone in full-fledged party mood. Opening with 3 great songs (‘Feels Like Love’, ‘Broken Promises’ and ‘High on You’, the energized crowd rocked the night away. As Survivor played for over an hour, the audience loved every minute of the show.

Later, the 80’s band Loverboy took center stage. With the fun songs of ‘Notorius’, ‘Queen of the Broken Hearts’ and  ‘Lucky Ones’ as their opening three songs, Loverboy relived a lot of their major hits. As the night progressed and the songs ‘Working for the Weekend’, ‘Take Me to the Top’, ‘Kid is Hot Tonight’ and so much more, how could the night be anything but a great time! Many in the audience were saying it was time to ‘Turn Me Loose’,

From age 5 to age 82, the audience – and their outfits, had the time of their lives. With the summer just heating up, there is much more music to be enjoyed and much more partying to be had. Curious who is next on the stage at Hudson Gardens, check them out. To see more photos, select either Loverboy or Survivor.

Hudson Gardens opens the 2017 in classic style with the Four Tops

June 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sunshine, blue skies, comfortable weather and a sold out crowd, Hudson Gardens and Event Center in Littleton, Colorado opened the 2017 summer concert series Sunday, June 4th with a remarkable concert featuring the Four Tops.  As the stage sizzled with incredible talent and a backup brass section, the night was filled with memories and dedications.

As a new season of concerts opened, the Four Tops took us back to the beginning. And did you know, the beginning actually began in Littleton, Colorado. That’s right. The legendary music and making of the Four Tops came about when original member (and current member) Abdul “Duke” Fakir introduced some of his music to a good friend of his and the magic of the award winning and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees (1990) originated. Although they moved to Detroit and helped Motown grow, “Duke” will never forget Colorado and the wonderful people that supported him along his insightfulness to share his love of music with fans all over the world.

The audience was dancing the night away with “I Got A Feeling”, “Can’t Help Myself”, “Baby I Need Your Lovin’”, “Reach Out, I’ll Be There”, “Ain’t No Woman Like The One I Got”, “Bernadette”, “Standing In The Shadow Of Love”, “Used To Be My Girl” and so many more.

The incredible night was a blast from the past and so much more as the Four Tops gave everyone the music, memories, love and so much more. Missed it, check out the photos. The new season promises to be fun and full of fantastic music, dance and friendship. To purchase tickets, click here.

Jesus Christ is visiting Arvada

March 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Jesus Christ Superstar was originally written as a rock opera album before it made it Broadway debut in 1971. That same year, Jesus Christ Superstar was nominated for 5 Tony Awards. It has been performed by many for 46 years. And now the longtime running rock opera has made its way to the stage at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities.

This was the first musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice and has been a phenomenon ever since. From large theatres to the smaller ones, this show has been a must see for many people. It has been produced in 42 countries and each one of these has been a masterpiece.

The Arvada Center’s production is no exception. Under the direction of Rod A. Lansberry, opening night on Friday, March 24th was another major production on an amazing stage. Lansberry takes you through the final days of Jesus Christ and shows the passion we as humans have and the support we give him.  The audience will relive the days of Christ being betrayed and the agony and rapture filled with the final days.

This is all presented with a prodigious cast led by Billy Lewis, Jr. in the lead role of Jesus of Nazareth. Lewis, Jr. was last seen as Mason McCarthy on the FOX television show Glee. Supporting Billy Lewis, Jr. are Matt LaFontaine (Judas Iscariot), Jenna Bainbridge (Mary Magdalene), Stephen Day (Caiaphas), Joe Callahan (Annas), Markus Warren (Pontius Pilate) and Wayne Kennedy (King Herod). As they relive the final days, the audience is held mesmerized and there are many emotions shared by all. The audience shares in the performers’ laughter, joy, tears and pain as we experience a turbulent times of such a wonderful man. Apostle Judas Iscariot is not afraid to express his concern over Jesus and his popularity of being referred to as “King”. Even though Judas still respects Jesus, he has many personal issues with Jesus and his followers. He receives a reward to tell the guards where Jesus is. As Mary Magdalene tries to comfort Jesus, Judas is worried that there are other emotions associated with Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s profession of a prostitute. Jesus Christ knows that he is going to be betrayed and lets the betrayers know who they are. As many followers are criticizing Jesus about the way he treats everyone, he does let them know that if any of his followers are without sin, then they should not judge others. As the uproar continues, Jesus is led to Jerusalem. Through it all, Jesus still continues to care for everyone no matter what people say about him.

The music is riveting and non-stop. There is no actual dialogue as most every word is sung. It is not your typical play but it is a very moving opera that will keep your attention throughout the entirety of this fantastic and award winning masterpiece.

The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities has presented a lot of monumental performances over time and they keep getting better and larger. The casting is impressive and the music is spectacular. If you want to share in the magic of the arts, check out the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. The famous rock opera runs through April 16th and you can purchase tickets at by clicking here or you can call 720-898-7200. 

Tony Award Bus Stop now at the Arvada Center

February 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

You never know when Mother Nature will turn on you and make you change your schedule. Driving through Kansas in the wintertime can be treacherous at times. But throw in a big snowstorm that creates havoc across the state, a bus driving at night with passengers, road closures, and now you have 8 stranded people ending up at a restaurant known as Grace's.

Bus Stop was written by the fantastic William Inge, directed by Allison Watrous,and stars some of the best talent that has been on stage at the Arvada Center  For The Arts and Humanities. The story takes place in 1955 and owner Grace Hoyland (Kate Gleason) and her employee Elma Duckworth (Jenna Moll Reyes) are in for a long night as Grace's needs to stay open for the bus that will make its way through the small town very soon. As the bus pulls into the lot, sheriff Will Masters (Geoffrey Kent) lets the restaurant know that the highway is shut down due to the winter storm.

Moments later Cherie (Emily Van Fleet) enters and is in need of help quickly. Seems she is being taking to Montana against her will by strong man Bo Decker (Sean Scrutchins) who is learning life the hard way. But he has a great friend and ranch hand Virgil Blessing (Michael Morgan). Also traveling is Dr. Gerald Lyman (Sam Gregory) and driver Carl (Josh Robinson).

As Grace and Elma try to do the best they can in keeping everyone happy in spite of the storm and having to stay overnight, the laughs are many and  secrets are revealed. Dr. Lyman helps naive Elma to come out of her she'll a bit while Carl and Grace think they are being discreet about their rendezvous when the bus come through all the time. Keeping peace while the group cannot travel are Will and Virgil.

The story was nominated for four Tony Awards and rightfully so. It is witty, cleverly written and in the true style of William Inge, tells a great story. You can get tickets for Bus Stop by visiting  arvadacenter.org or by calling 720-898-7200. The play runs through April 15 and is presented in The Black Box Theater.


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